5 Elixirs

Get a taste of our top 5 elixirs. A easily portable supply of daily essential superfoods.

Soma | Curam | Ensueno | Viridem | Corpus Lucem

*Each elixir is formulated by a clinical herbalist, made with absolute Love and Care in NYC.


  • Soma: 6 Mushroom Immunity Power with potent Adaptogenic QualitiesComplete Immune Power, Daily Antibiotic, Resilient Mushroom Superfoods.
  • Curam: Beauty & Anti Aging Elixir, loaded with natural Vitamin CTissue Oxygenation, Vitamin C , Deep Nourishment, Anti-aging Superfoods
  • Viridem: Daily Masterful Detox with a megaload of vitamins and mineralsCleansing, Detoxification, Phytonutrient Powerhouse, Anti-cancerous Superfoods
  • Ensueno: aka Lucid Dreaming, a metaphysical sleep aid. Insomnia’s Antidote, Lucid Dreaming, Deep Sleep, Nervous System Tonic.
  • Corpus Lucem: aka Euphoria, an exquisite Joy Tonic & Seratonin Booster – a natural form of anti-depressant. libido enhancer, joy, uplifting, reproductive tonic (for men and women), brings blood flow to the lower centers.

Each one can be taken daily for optimum effects. Can be used intensively for a whole month, or have them within your medicine cabinet to use as needed. We also encourage to focus on a particular function week by week, completing the 1 month cycle of each particular elixir.

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Weight 4 oz