A vital set of flower and gem essences from the rainforest. We have composed the three essential formulas that we recommend combining ceremonial flowers used in shamanic ceremonies. These are signature blends made by our herbalist, meant as tools to assist the soul and spirit.

Essences are “light tonics” that energetically imprint the flower or gem into the water. Magnetically and energetically it impregnates its pattern, geometry and personality, enhancing the water with its medicinal power. Its a psychosomatic healer, meaning it moves energy within the emotional body, clearing it from trauma, pain and suffering.



The Set Includes:

Lux – Protects the aura from bad energy and floods the body with Light.

Essences of: Essence of Black Tourmaline, Yarrow Flower, Ocotillo Flower.

Lotus – Clears the DNA from ancestral blockages, and aligns the body to the universal mind. It supports access to ancestral wisdom and telepathic communication.

Essences of: Pink Lotus, White Pond Lily, & Lemurian Crystal Quartz.

Trinity – Grounds and prepares the body and mind for ritual and ceremony. Tills the soil before embarking on vision quests and journeying.

Essences of: Red Datura Flower, Amazonian Tobacco Flower, Chacruna Flower.

Suggested Intake: Take 5 drops of the essence you feel like embodying in that moment. Allow a peaceful moment, and take a few breaths before and after intaking the medicine.